Evaluation of the Mandirigma Camp 2016

Before going to the camp I was quite nervous for the physical part because I am not that athletic but mostly I was nervous that my inexperience practicing martial arts would be a huge disadvantage. Before going to the camp I had only practiced Kali for 7 months with no previous experience. I was looking forward to meeting new people and taking in their advice and wisdom but most of all I was exited to meet some other girls in this world and learn about how they cope with the challenges that arise from being a girl in an male-dominated sport.
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During camp I did not think that much it was mostly survival mode, eat, sleep, drink, get up, train, repeat. I really liked it even tho I was exhausted most of the time, when Friday came it was bittersweet because I really looked forward to sleeping in and resting but on the other hand I wanted to keep going, l wanted to keep pushing myself and find out more about myself, both physically and mentally. Something I am looking forward to doing in the future both on my own and on the amazing camps that are coming up.
Everyone I met at camp have had a lasting impression on me and I walk away with so much experience and many new friends from all over the world. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this amazing camp and to have had this experience that is Mandirigma Camp. I come out of this with new eyes on life and on my training.
All my best,
Johanna Roos
Kali Sikaran Svalöf (Sweden)