Mandirigma Camp 2016

When I started school this year I felt the urge to see more of the world. If I was going to survive one more year with school and living at home, with my mom and two little brothers I had to at least have one big trip to look forward to!

I already had two years of Kali Sikaran experience and had already learnt to love this kind of training. When my trainer asked if I joined the trip to Thailand I said I had to think a little more about it, before I decided. Earlier that year I watched some videos from the previous camps, and it looked really awesome, but also really, really hard! I had also been told from different people, that it was one of the toughest weeks they had ever experienced, and that was guys that were in really good shape.

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All this information about how hard and tough this was made me really doubt that I could do it. I had some knee and shoulder injuries at that time, and didn’t get much strength and condition training because of those injuries. After some time I finally decided to go on the camp. I said to myself that I wouldn’t let any of those injuries stop me and I figured out that I had about six months to fix them and get in better shape.

When the time came, and the camp was about to start, I hadn’t reached my goals for my strength and condition, but luckily most of my injuries were gone. I was really anxious that I would get some other injuries or that the old ones would come back. When the last day came I hadn’t got any injuries and none of my old ones had come back! When I looked at the day to day program I couldn’t understand how my body had survived all that training. But after a while I realized that the training wasn’t meant to drain me physiologically, but rather psychologically. It was my head that got most of the training!

I learnt the art of not giving up, even if both my body and my head tells me to stop. I’ve noticed that this is a good skill to have, not only when you are training, but in the everyday life. The quote “you can take more than you think” also got a whole new meaning to me. I thought that I wasn’t able to handle all the training, but at the end of the day, I did! This realization really helps me overcome everyday fears and challenges.

All in all this was definitely the coolest and most meaningful camps I’ve ever been on! It was people from all over the world and everyone was supporting each other. This will obviously not be the last time I participate on this camp!


Simen Fiskaa, 19 years old