Sometimes shit happens. We know that. Sometimes shit happens for a reason, sometimes there seems to be no reason to all the shit that happens. Regardless, this is what we think of when shit happens:

  1. Camp fee. Besides the AU$100 for the registration you get all your paid money back (minus any transfer fees, because that’s not my choice to have them damn fees). If you paid and shit happens, we pay you back. Easy.
  2. Hotel fees in Manila. You are responsible for that booking so make sure you have travel insurance in case you need to cancel. Ok? Not much we can do there.
  3. Camp hotel. Oh, this is a weird one. If shit happens with more than 30 days to go we can get you off the hook. If shit happens within 30 days to go… we can’t get you off the hook… The hotel has me sign a contract that I’m going to pay for X amount of persons. Me personally! Yes, it sounds weird but that is how they do group bookings over there. So if shit happens to you, I get to pay for you even if you’re not there. And guess what – MY travel insurance does not cover for you. So do the right thing, have a travel insurance! If shit happens, let us know as soon as possible and we’ll do everything we can to help. If you can’t make it (because shit happened), do the right thing and pay for the hotel and hopefully your insurance will cover for that. What’s that? That the hotel can’t do that? Oh they can and they did. We had to pay for people who were not there. Not so funny…
  4. Have I missed anything? Send me a message and ask! Help me help you! 🙂