To organise a camp in the Philippines is a bit trickier than anywhere else in the world. I have most of the details but not all.
Previous years the average price for transport to resort, resort stay with all food included, plus transport to (and from) their island for 7 nights accommodation, all food included and transport to their island was 30,650PHP, this year were at 29,500PHP. You are asked to provide the hotel fee (29,500PHP) in cash to me as I have to pay the hotel. Please prepare even money in Filipino Peso. Thank you. 
The hotel accepts other major currencies but they give a really crap exchange rate so we are all better off getting Peso beforehand. If they give me a crap exchange rate I have to give you a crap exchange rate. See how that works…?

The camp fee can be paid in AUD, EUR, SEK, GBP and USD. The fee is as per the discount given at registration. Payable to us in cash at registration in Manila or via PayPal if you would like to get the frequent flyer points from your credit card (PayPal fees of 2.4% added to cost, 3.5% if payer is outside Australia). 
If you’d want to pay via PayPal, see the payment options at the bottom of this page.
If you’d want to pay with a different currency than AUD, please check with us beforehand so that we can get you the accurate exchange rate. Oh, you googled the exchange rate? Now, please show me where to exchange at that rate… I haven’t found it yet so I’m thankful for any tips. (In Australia we use

If you need an invoice to claim tax reductions etc, let us know. We will of course help you with that.


Final Payment of Camp