This is the boring but necessary stuff. Bear with us and it shall be clear.

Camp Payment

You have already paid AU$100 in registration fee. This sum is deducted from your total camp fee. Since you’ve registered before 31/1/2019 you only have AU$495 to pay for the camp.

Payment can be done in several different ways:
Through PayPal (so you can get your points on whatever credit card program you’re on) but I have to add 2.5% as the online payment giant charges me this money (3.5% if the payer is outside of Australia). See button below.

Cash on site. We put a lot of trust in you doing it this way as some people could cancel with short notice. However, you are saving money on exchange rates and bank transfers and we save money on exchange rates and transfer fees. It’s a win-win. We do accept cash payments in AU$, Euro and SEK. Please let us know if you prefer this method.

Hotel Payment

The hotel/s are additional to the camp fee. This is because we don’t know when all participants are planning to arrive and leave. The hotel in Manila has options and it is up to you what room standard you get- check Bayview Park Hotel in Ermita, Manila. This hotel will be our gathering point and departure point for travel to the camp site Sunday 21 April.
You are responsible for booking and paying this hotel before and possibly after the camp (if you choose).

The camp hotel is booked/held for you based on your registration and will be twin share rooms at the newish Terrace Hotel. The cost is even cheaper than last year thanks to the Heikki factor: P28,500 which is to be paid to us cash in local currency at check in.

This price includes:
– bus from Manila to the camp site
– six nights of accommodation (Sunday to Saturday)
– all meals (breakfasts, lunches and dinners)
– boat trips to Sepoc Island!
So everything except drinks is already included!

I know that having to pay in local currency is pain in the butt, however, foreign currencies get a really shitty exchange rate at the resort and they only accept payment from who has the contract (me) so we can’t even individually pay on credit cards. Can you pay to me ahead of time via PayPal? Sure, but I need to protect myself from fluctuations in exchange rates, transfer fees and so on so I’d need to add stupid amounts of money to this sum… I don’t want to and I guess you don’t want that either. Oh you don’t want to carry much cash in Manila? Neither do I. That times 35 participants. PLEASE organise this ahead of time and take care of it until check in at Eagle Point!

Shooting experience

This one is odd. They want cash but need some money up front. It’s frustrating. I’m still trying to sort it out. Hang on.