To create more “doers”. That is, individuals who take action to improve the world for themselves and for others. Mandirigma Camp continues to create more doers through challenging the body, mind and soul.



Mandirigma Camp is for individuals, teams and companies who want to challenge themselves. It doesn’t matter if you are at rock bottom, searching for a new inspiring path or aiming for success at the next level; you just need to commit to open-minded participation and be prepared to grow beyond your wildest expectations.


Mandirigma camp will teach you how to push yourself physically like the elite forces, mentally like a world champion and to focus your mindset like a warrior in any given situation for the rest of your life.


Mandirigma Camp is not easy; but nothing in this world worth doing comes easily! Mandirigma Camp offers a unique experience whereby you will push yourself to your absolute limit in a new and demanding environment. You will gain insight into what motivates and drives you and you will leave with tools enabling you to overcome the challenges in your busy life. It will alter your perspective on your day-to-day life and leave you asking “- Did I really accomplish all that?”


Expect The Unexpected.

What we can say is this:

  • In the mornings you will run like the wind.
  • The military style physical conditioning will make your muscles as strong as rock/earth.
  • The self awareness and personal leadership classes will enable you to flow around any obstacle like water.
  • You will leave camp with newfound commitment and passion burning within you like fire.

And of course, you’ll learn to fight like Jason Bourne.