In 1993, Punong Guro Johan Skålberg participated in the first official European Stickfighting Championship in London, England. There he won both the Single and Double Sticks in the Heavyweight Full Contact Stickfighting Division. In 1994, he won the World Championship in Cebu City, Philippines in the Light Heavyweight Full Contact Stickfighting Division. In 1995, he once again won the European Stickfighting Championship, both Single and Double Sticks in the Heavyweight Full Contact Stickfighting Division in Paris, France.

In May 1997, Johan Skålberg of Sweden was elected president of the EKAEF (European Kali Arnis Eskrima Federation) and selected Göteborg, Sweden as headquarters.

In 1998, for the purpose of realism and for preservation of the Art in Competitions, Punong Guro Johan Skålberg developed a competition system of stick fighting called Suntukan Stick Fighting. Today, Suntukan stands alone as both a competitive system and training method for stick fighting in the IKAEF and KSI (Kali Sikaran International).

In November 2000, the EKAEF headquarters changed its official title EKAEF to IKAEF (International Kali Arnis Eskrima Federation) to recognize its extension through the Martial World. The organization become the biggest FMA organization in the world with more than 20 affiliate countries and many different masters and styles in cooperation. ln January 2009 he choose to step away from the IKAEF organisation and focus only on Kali Sikaran.

In June 2000 the first Kali Sikaran curriculum was created and published by Punong Guro Jeff Espinous and Punong Guro Johan Skålberg. Johan Skålberg managed Kali Sikaran with professional marketing and branding through the IKAEF organisation and today his platform is Kali Sikaran International with and by TEAM SKÅLBERG.

From December 1995 until September 2000, Punong Guro Johan Skålberg served as the Scandinavian Technical Director for the ISE (Inayan System of Eskrima), under the founder Mangisurosuro Mike Inay to promote and diffuse the ISE through Europe.

In April 2007, Punong Guro Johan Skålberg was promoted Chief Instructor Kombatan Europe under the founder of the Kombatan, Ernesto A. Presas.

Notable instructors with whom Punong Guro Johan Skålberg has had the privilege to train and work include:
Bobby Breen / Kali /JKD
Richard Bustillo / Kali /JKD
Dionisio A. Canete / Doces Pares
Jun De Leon / Kali De Leon
Jeff Espinous / Kali Sikaran
Uno Feldthusen / Ju Jitsu
Roy Harris / Brazilian Jujitsu
Mike Inay / Inayan System of Eskrima
Dan Inosanto / Inosanto Kali / Maphilindo Silat
Dieter Knüttel / Modern Arnis
Simon Lau / Wing Chun
Cass Magda / Kali / Silat
Ernesto A. Presas / Kombatan / Modern Arnis
Paul Vunak / Progressive Fighting Systems
Tom Sotis / Amok Knife Fighting
J.K Yamaue / Yamaue Aiki Jutsu

In Filipino Martial Arts Punong Guro Johan Skålberg is certified as:
Inayan Sinawali – Instructor – 1996
Inayan Dequerdas – Instructor – 1996
Inayan Kadena de Mano – Instructor – 1997
Modern Arnis – 4° Dan – 1998
Inayan Largo Mano – Instructor – 1999
Kombatan Arnis – 8° Dan – 2006

In addition to the Filipino Martial Arts Punong Guro Johan Skålberg is certified in the following styles:
Progressive Fighting Systems – Apprentice Instructor – 1996
Roy Harris Brazilian Ju Jitsu – Apprentice Instructor – 2002
Ju Jitsu – 4° Dan – 2003