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Raised in the Martial Arts world since early childhood, Tuhon Ray Dionaldo is one of the most accredited and well respected practitioners on the Filipino Martial Arts scene world wide. Tuhon Ray represents the next generation of martial arts masters and is an innovator of the ancient Filipino arts, adapting them to the context of the modern tactical world. A lifetime of intense training with some of the most revered Filipino masters of the blade and stick over the span of more than two decades has imparted upon this young master of the blade a graceful deadliness which only a select few practitioners of the warrior arts ever achieve. His background is diverse, beginning in early childhood in the traditional Japanese art of Wado Ryu Karate and in Kali under Grand Masters Balthazar Sayoc and Christopher Sayoc. Ray has achieved instructor ranks in several systems including Sayoc Kali, Sayoc Fighting Systems, Remy Presas’ Modern Arnis, Shotokan Karate, Ryu Kyu Kempo, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, Pambuan Arnis, Ancient Arts Academy, Strategic Knife Defense, and several Chinese styles.

Tuhon Ray’s approach to the Filipino arts is as multifaceted as his background, incorporating the best that each of his source systems has to offer into an organized, interlocking flow of techniques which form a natural progression of study. Most practitioners that emphasize weapons tend to de-emphasize the skills which are at the core of many unarmed arts, skills such as Jujitsu joint manipulation and balance disruption and leg attacks. These forms of combat are not neglected by Ray. On the contrary, they are an intricate part of his system, epitomizing the ancient concept that the shoulder blade (or any other bone) is not merely a tool, but an extension of the body, an extension of the self.

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“Martial art systems” come and go every day. It is recognized that many overly ambitious practitioners have the desire but not the skill or knowledge to create their own system. It has only at the behest of acknowledged Filipino masters that this system has come into being. Filipino Combat Systems has been authorized and sanctioned, and has received the blessings of several Grand Masters. Tuhon Ray possessing the modesty which is unusual in those with his degree of skill, has only under the direct request of his instructors taken it upon himself to share his unique art with others. For those seeking an ancient art for modern times, Filipino Combat Systems is a method of self defense a personal growth whose time has come.

Each generation of martial artists produces a select few who do not merely imitate previous masters, but who expound upon what has been imparted to them. Tuhon Ray has synthesized the diversity of technique from the many systems he has studied and he has taken his art to the next level. Today he is considered one of the top instructors of the Filipino Martial Arts in the world.

Some Ranks and Titles

Punong Guro / Founder

Instructor: Tuhon Christopher Sayoc
Rank: Tuhon

Instructor: Punong Guro Dr. Remy Presas, Grand Master Rodillo B. Dagooc
Rank: Lakan Antas Lima(5) / Master in Modern Arnis

Instructor: Professor Remy Presas
Rank: Lakan Isa

Instructor: Grand Tuhon Baltazar “Bo” Sayoc
Rank: Lakan Isa

Instructor: Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje
Rank: Lakan Isa

Instructor: Ama Guro Raffy Pambuan
Rank: Guro

Instructor: Lakan Guro Eric Porschen
Rank: Lakan Guro

International Association of Karate-Kobudo
Promoted by: Grand Master Carlos Diaz
Rank: 8th degree black belt

Instructor: Shihan Mark Cody
Rank: Yon-Dan 4th Degree Black Belt

Instructor: Sensei Larry Stone
Rank: Ni-Dan 2nd Degree Black Belt

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