How is Mandirigma Camp different from any other martial arts camps, boot camps or wellness camps out there?

We think we have found the perfect combination of the best aspects from all of the above, combined with amazing yet challenging environments, strong camaraderie and a unique twist to it all.

The concept has been constantly improved since 2008 and we have added input and knowledge from internationally renowned instructors from various fields.

The original concept behind Mandirigma Camp is the brainchild of Punong Guro Johan Skålberg:

“Throughout the years I have collected many unique experiences that I have shared piece by piece to students, instructors, clubs and competitors on seminars, courses, lectures and one on one coaching.

Some years ago I was brainstorming to clarify what I actually was offering to all these people at different events over the world and at the same time questioning some presentations and statements from people I had differences with. I was disturbed by everybody that talked about “body, mind and soul” without actually delivering anything, so I started to think what my own version of that would look like;
First of all, it was supposed to be physical, like my time as a Navy diver and competitor. Secondly, I wanted to share the mindset of a World Champion so that anyone can be a World Champion in their own life. Last but not least, I wanted to share my knowledge in self-awareness; to know who you are, what you are about,
who you plan to become and why – now and in the future.

Mandirigma means Warrior and to me that’s a person that prepares himself for war but hopes he never has to go. Challenge your body like a true Warrior in any elite force, prepare your mind to be a world champion in your own life and use self-awareness to lead your spirit in the true path of your soul.

In my opinion this is how to train your body, mind and soul.

Johan Skålberg”
Every camp has got three main themes that we focus on. The technical themes change every year so no camp is like any previous camp. Since we focus on only three technical themes we can go in depth into the themes and spend time on getting really good, which allows everyone to join us, from inexperienced to experts. Everyone leaves camp being better than before they came.