Come and join us!

Last time in the Philippines! Take this opportunity to visit the homeland of FMA and get the full experience! After this year Mandirigma Camp will move on…

This year we are opening up the option for spouses to join in on the Personal Leadership classes without having to do the full camp. This option is connected with at leas one training session per day. More info will follow shortly.

Book early

Register early for big discounts and reserve your hotel room. Flights tend to be cheaper the earlier you book as well!

The Philippines

Beautiful nature, full of contrasts, lovely people and the chaotic birth place of FMA. A must to visit!

Grand Masters

We will make sure that you will have the opportunity to train with local Masters and Grand Masters, in itself an unforgettable experience!

Unique Experience

We are very excited to share this experience with you. Come to the Philippines – KSI style!

Stock up

There will be opportunities to buy equipment from local FMA Masters & Grand Masters and we will visit a stick maker where you can stock up at local prices!

Extend your experience

After Mandirigma Camp many of us will travel to GM Andy Elliotts camp for another week of training. See further info and links on this site.


Plan ahead, book early and save money! Lets make this an amazin experience together!


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Any martial artist who trains in the Filipino Martial Arts should at least once in their life go to the Philippines and experience the country that shaped the people who created the arts.

It can be a very overwhelming experience and sometimes also scary, so why not join a great group of likeminded people who travel together and train with local Masters and Grandmasters, visit stick makers and enjoy the beautiful island culture of the Philippines.

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This is our last Mandirigma Camp in the Philippines. After this we move somewhere else to keep the experience fresh and exciting for our participants. Join us now!

Unique Places

Training with FMA Masters and Grandmaster in Rizal Park, visiting stick makers and a local Grandmasters gym, combined with the beautiful and chaotic country of the Philippines makes for an amazing trip!

Good Accommodations

Excellent hotel with several pools and good food caters for our needs while we focus on hard training and challenges. Great beds for good sleep is essential for recovery.

Interesting Routes

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New Friends

Meet and make friends from all over the world that share the same passion and interests! The bonding within the group is amazing!



Still have questions? Drop us a line in the contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with answers and help.

This camp is held in Anilao, Batangas, the Philippines

21 April - 27 April 2019

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